Weekend Roundup: No. 227

Happy Friday! It finally feels like summer in Colorado and I’m pretty happy about it. This week was our first of summer activities. Music class, swim lessons and tee ball. Tis the season! Speaking of swim, Sybil was excited for…

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The Best Cake Cookbook

I had never baked a cake until two weeks ago. I don’t know exactly why, but the thought of it intimidated me. A few years ago I stumbled upon Odette Williams on Instagram. I found her aprons for kids to…

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Weekend Roundup: No. 226

It hasn’t exactly felt like it, but cheers to a short week! How was your holiday weekend? I ran twice, including my longest run since last fall (7.1 miles). We bought and assembled patio furniture from Ikea and proceeded to…

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What’s in My Makeup Bag?

Although there’s probably photographic evidence to the contrary somewhere, wearing a lot of makeup has never been my thing. I’m not very good at applying it and since I stopped working I don’t feel the need to wear makeup as…

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