Weekend Roundup: No. 294

Oh wow, remember when I was disappointed the snowstorm seemed like it was going to be a bust? That was definitely premature. We got over 2 feet of snow and it’s going to take weeks for it all to melt. …

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Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

I’ve been gathering items for Lawson and Sybil’s Easter baskets for the past month. Like all holidays, I am a fan of gifting mostly practical items that they need anyway. Below are an assortment of items they are getting in…

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What I Wore: No. 28

After trying it out for a couple of weeks, I am splitting the weekend roundup and what I wore posts into their own posts. For some reason, I really struggled with writing when they were combined. I didn’t know where…

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Weekend Roundup: No. 293

Happy Friday! We started off the week wearing shorts (well at the least the kiddos) and are expecting a snowstorm tonight. The vast change is one of the reasons I love living in Colorado. I check the weather forecast every…

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