Weekend Roundup: No. 266

Week 8 complete. That deserves a round of applause. Cheers to all of us.  How was your week? Ours was pretty good – nothing exciting or noteworthy, but that’s sort of the hoped for norm right now.  We bought an…

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Why I Decided to Have a Hysterectomy

It took three years after my daughter’s birth to decide what to do about my massive fibroid. Ultimately, I made the decision to have a partial hysterectomy. In today’s post, I’m sharing how I came to make that decision. I’ll…

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What I Wore: No. 19

I’m back with another collection of outfits I’ve worn the past two weeks in quarantine. Some days I wear leggings and workout gear. More often I put on jeans or shorts and a shirt before switching to workout wear in…

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5.1.20 2

Weekend Roundup: No. 265

Well hello, hello. Happy Friday! Happy first day of May! I disappeared for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that. Although I feel like I don’t accomplish much on a daily basis, the days fly by. Writing has been harder for…

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