Things I’m Most Looking Forward To

This post topic made the blog rounds a couple of weeks ago. Since it’s something I’ve been thinking about, I decided to join in. It’s hard to believe we’re coming up on a full year of living in a global…

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Weekend Roundup: No. 290

I’m going to try something new this week by sharing outfits from the week in my usual weekend roundup post. This week I had a mini “aha” moment. The past few weeks (months?) I have a really good week followed…

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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

A quick post with a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids. For Valentine’s Day I followed our rule limiting gifts to 3 items + a card. I also wanted to focus on smaller businesses and items that would stand…

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What I Wore: No. 27

I’m back with another edition of real outfits I’ve been wearing. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s been helpful for me to get dressed in something other than leggings. I feel like a better version of myself. Getting dressed in…

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